What Our Patients are Saying.....

"...My headache was completely GONE..."

Today I went in to see Dr. Browning and I was in sorry shape. I had fallen on the ice on Saturday and hurt my shoulder and hip and pulled the muscles in my neck. On top of all that I had a horrible headache brought on by the weather, it was so bad I was starting to lose vision in my left eye. After being adjusted not only did I feel better but my headache was completely GONE, not just improved G-O-N-E! I expected to feel better but instead I felt like a new person! I don't think I could trust my or my girls care to anyone other than Dr. Browning, she has become part of our family and is one of our favorite places to go each week. I love seeing how excited my girls are to see her and share anything that is going on in their lives because she isn't just a doctor, she is an adult that sees them for who they are and truly cares about them and the things that are important to them. She is SO much more than a chiropractor! -Mindy S.

"...Minimized the general doctor appointments for sickness..."

If your wondering about Chiropractic care. Just do it! For the whole family! Even to the tiniest family members. I have seen Dr. Browning since my first pregnancy, due to sciatic pain. She even adjusted newborn! I stopped going after my first because I thought I was “better”.
Along came my second and I could not walk from sciatic pain and also pregnancy carpal tunnel.
I continued this time and brought my kids and finally convinced my husband. Who did not believe in chiropractic care. He now says he can not live without Dr. Browning! I’m in my third pregnancy and I can tell you I have not had any of the troubles as I didn’t with my first two pregnancies.
Maintaining my body with Dr. Browning has actually minimized the general doctors appointments we previously had for sickness. We just don’t need to go anymore. I highly recommend Chiropractic healing and Dr. Browning! -C.J. M.


"...He stopped screaming constantly..."

We love Dr. Browning at New Life Family Chiropractic!! We originally started going after baby number 6 was born with a large hematoma on his head. After regular care for him it resolved, he stopped screaming constantly and you can’t even tell now. We saw such a difference in him that now my husband, myself and all six of our children see her regularly. We have seen such improvements in everyone in our home. Thank you for providing such wonderful care!!!  -Kimberly M.


"...I can feel a huge difference between my current pregnancy and my last..."

My toddler and I love going to see Dr. Browning! She's amazing with my 3 year old, who even asks to go get adjusted. I've been seeing her weekly since the beginning of my pregnancy (monthly before), and I can feel a huge difference between my current pregnancy and my last. She truly cares and is passionate about chiropractic and what it can do for your overall health. -Keisha G.


"...She has helped my neck and back pain tremendously..."

Dr. Browning is phenomenal! She is very professional and aggressive in treating her patients for the best results possible. She has helped my neck and back pain tremendously and I look forward to continuing a care plan that keeps me pain free and healthy so that I can enjoy an active lifestyle for many years to come! -Angela E.


"...She has made a huge difference..."

I started seeing Dr. Browning at the end of my pregnancy and she helped me so much. I had terrible round ligament pain and she was able to offer me relief. She also gave me advice on what I could do to make my labor more peaceful and less traumatic. Now I’m taking my 2 month old to see her and she has made a huge difference after only 2 visits. My little girl had a lip/tongue tie revision and has been unsuccessful at latching until last night. After only two visits, we are making progress and I’m so thankful for Dr. Browning. She is very kind and cares about her patients. -Jami L.


"...Went from barely able to walk during my second trimester to feeling normal again..."

Dr. Browning and her staff are the absolute best! I had a difficult pregnancy and was told by HH OBER to go see a chiropractor or a physical therapist for treatment. My boss referred me to Dr. Browning and I went from barely able to walk during my second trimester to feeling normal again after a few visits. I’m now taking my newborn to her for treatment and we are so happy with the results! -Ashley W.

"...I feel transformed!!..."

I called last week 2 days before thanksgiving with little hope left that someone could help me live life normal again. They luckily had a cancellation and got me in the same day I called. Here I am 2 visits later and I feel transformed!! I can put on pants by myself again, I can pick up a laundry basket again, I can get up and down without my husband trying to roll me and pick me up, I can pick up my babies again. Do not lose hope! Chiropractic care CAN and WILL get you living a normal life again. This lovely staff listened to me, they care about my problems, and they care about getting me healthy again. They don’t stick a band-aid on it and call it a job well done. They listen and find the source of your problems!! I wish I had found them sooner. But I’m forever grateful they are in my life now! Do not wait another day, call and request a consultation to get you on the right path to feeling truly transformed! -Elisabeth B.


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